PatternAgents Law Enforcement Policy

These policies and guidelines are established for law enforcement personnel seeking to request information about PatternAgents customer information or information regarding customer orders.

Who is PatternAgents?, What is the PatternAgents Business?

PatternAgents is a manufacturer and reseller of educational electronic products, tools, and software components. We sell components, pieces, parts, and patterns that can assembled by our users to create many different types of electronic projects, according to the designs of our end-users.

What Information does PatternAgents have about their Customers and Users?

User information is collected by PatternAgents in accordance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Will always require a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process to disclose ANY information about our customers and/or users.

Some of the user profile information is in the public domain, strictly at the user's own choice, so anyone can see that information on the Web Site. A PatternAgents user profile may contain information and comments that the user themselves have posted, and at the user's choice, they may display a profile image of themselves. As part of the user's profile, the user has the choice to select an alias-name and other biographical data, such as their interests or location, for display on the PatternAgents Web Site, as a part of their public persona/profile. You may consult our Privacy Policy for more information on the types of information that we collect from our users.

Any public persona and profile information is a choice for the user to provide, and we do not require it. It is not verified in any way by PatternAgents, and may not be accurate.

Privacy Policy and Court Order

In accordance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, non-public information about the users of is not released except as lawfully required by an appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process.

Requests for PatternAgents User Information

PatternAgents is located in Portland, Oregon, USA, and will comply with all U.S. laws, and any valid, legal due process. As such, any request for information regarding our users, the contents of their communications, or their activities on our Web Site will require a valid U.S. search warrant for us to respond to your requests.

Requests From Non-U.S. Law Enforcement Personnel

U.S. law requires PatternAgents to respond to requests for user information from foreign law enforcement agencies that are issued via a valid U.S. court of law, either by way of a mutual legal assistance treaty, or letters rogatory. It is PatternAgents official policy to operate in a lawful manner at all times, and to respond to all such U.S. court ordered requests.

Will PatternAgents Notify its Users of any Requests for their Information?

It is PatternAgents official policy to notify its users of requests for their information prior to disclosure, unless we are prohibited from doing so by statute or court order (i.e. an order under 18 U.S.C. 2705(b)).

What Information Must Be Included in Law Enforcement Requests for Information?

If you are a recognized law enforcement agency, your request must include:

Contact information for PatternAgents is provided on our Contact page. PatternAgents will only accept legal process service from law enforcement agencies delivered via postal mail. Acceptance of legal process via these means is for law enforcement agency convenience only and does not waive any objections, including the lack of jurisdiction or proper service. We will not accept any legal process service via e-mail or telephone.

Data Retention

PatternAgents retains different information, according to our official Data Rentention Policy. PatternAgents is a PCI Compliant Web Site, and as such, we do not retain any detailed credit card information.

Other Inquiries

Non-law enforcement requests should be sent through our regular Contact page.

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